Karl's Tech Page

If you are a repeater owner or just like to tinker with commercial equipment you might want to check out the documents here.
Starting with....

Radio Basics For the Newbie

RF projects Antennas, line and cavity

3 Amp Power Supply for the System's remoted receivers

Dual Supply 12v, 2 amp / 10 volt, 22 Amp, for the System's remoted transmitters.

Link Radios page FM'ing a transmitter,receiver notes, COR/AF board, etc.

C.T.C.S.S. (PL) information (such as the Commspec TS-32 decoder)

Digital Page Packet, Computers, Internet, Networking, Firewall and analog telephone

Path Engineering Calculate Fade Margin

Author's manufacturing Practices and standards

Logarithmic measurements Forget "watts" and "microvolts"

Some 147.20 Details Spokane side

Battery's cell maintenance For packs

Here's a clever idea. Ever wonder if your Weller solder station is really working? Put a 1 ohm shunt resistor in series with the 24v loop feeding the tip, then put an LED across that shunt. There's just enough voltage drop to run it. While you have the unit apart why not install a green one to indicate there is 24v power to begin with. (use the appropriate series resistor for the green one, of course.

Here's some sites that have technical discussions. Some might be redundant, but check them out, as each of us has some slightly different ideas, and it's nice to share.

Repeater builders By Kevin Custer who has more Tech tips ! Excellent Page
Also takes care of the reflector, below.

Repeater Builder's site You can sign up to get in with the group.

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