Summer rack and other ideas

Summer rack and other ideas

I made some other stuff, such as a better summer rack to keep both the track and skis up.

First of all, I like to work on my sled on the trailer, and need to lock it into place. Instead of using the tow vehicle, I installed a mount on the bench, that the hitch can slide into. Then just connect the trailer and you have a solid anchor.

Here's a better version of the rear rack I build. This one is adjustable for different conditions and most any sled height. I use my older lever rack to lift the rear up, then slide the rack in position and let it down.

Here's the rack I built for the front. It sits under the belly pan, so the skis are off. Helps in working on them as well.

Now, to put the front rack in, I need to get the jack I made the other year, so I access the "tool box" in the bottom of the trailer's turntable.

Jack it up.........and slide the rack in position and let the front end down.

Here's a view showing both racks, ready for summer storage. By keeping it on the trailer, both take up less room and I can still move it around if needed. Come fall I can also run the sled like this and make some adjustments before hitting the ground...... hopefully, white.

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