SRG Party for 2011- Canceled - Rained out

Due to the very raining Wx this year's meeting's been canceled. I you still wish to see the launches the following info will get you there:

The following is a listing of local rocketry clubs of the Pacific Northwest. These are not "links" you will have to search them out on Google.

  • Bend Area Rocketry Club (BORG); located in Bend Oregon and supporting educational efforts at all levels.(Associated with OregonRocketry)

  • Blue Mountain Rocketeers (BMR); located in Dayton Washington and a group of friendly rocketry enthusists.

  • OregonRocketry (OROC); OregonRocketry is a non-profit corporation organized to promote the advancement of model, sport and amateur rocketry. Adventures in model, sport and amateur rocketry begins here with OregonRocketry.

  • Skagit Valley Rocketry (SVR); located in Mount Vernon Washington. We are a new club in the state, forming in Fall 2010. Club website is coming soon. We work with the community and help kids get into rocketry, because our kids are our future. And it will be our kids that will keep space flight alive. Current club President is John Hawkins.

  • Spokane Area Rocketry Club (SPARC); located in Spokane Washington. We are a small group that focuses on rockets flying to altitudes of 7000' or more depending on conditions.

  • TITAN Rocketry; Open to all University of Washington students, staff, and faculty. The purpose of TITAN Rocketry is to promote interest and gain knowledge in rocketry, from the design, construction and testing of rockets through the means of teamwork.

  • Tripoli Idaho Rocketry (TIR); located in Boise Idaho and Tripoli Idaho Rocketry welcomes everyone who wants to experience the thrill of building and launching rockets.

  • Washington Aerospace Club (WAC); is located in Puyallup Washington. WAC is dedicated to the pursuit of rocket education, competition and fun through flying model, mid and high power rockets.

    Two Club's links are listed below because of their apparent planned activities for the Memorial Day Weekend. Therefore it was decided this would be a good time to combine with an SRG gathering as well so you have a choice of activities. There's also some maps to show you along the way.

  • First one Northwest Rocketry

  • Second one Washington Aerospace Club


    More site details, from the Club's web site:

    The Sportsman’s club is a facility just outside the town of Mansfield that offers a grassy field for parking and camping, a small oval dirt race track used as the launch site, and an “away cell” location for high altitude or complex rocket projects. The location is sufficient in size to support several hundred flyers and spectators. The Sportman’s club is located approximately 1/8 of a mile West of the town of Mansfield on State Road 172. There is no available water, electricity or Sewer/RV Dump. There are Porta-potties, brought in for launches. Some cellular service is there. For food, Mansfield has a grocery store and bar. The grocery store hours are 8 am – 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The bar serves food, but individuals younger than 21 are not allowed inside. The bar will make up takeout food, and the grocery store makes sandwiches. During Fire in the Sky, there is often a mobile “cafe” set up on site with snacks, drinks and food for sale. For a gas station in Mansfield is open during the day. Gas stations are also located in the town of Waterville approximately 22 miles West of Mansfield and Coulee City, approximately 20 miles Southeast of Mansfield. For restrictions there are no open fires allowed. BBQ and off-ground contained fires OK unless restricted by hosting club or fire marshall. No fireworks allowed. For the launchers have flight Waivers; Normal launches have an FAA waiver of 8,000' AGL at the racetrack and extension (keyhole) and 14,000' AGL at the away cell from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

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