SRG Party for 2010- Coming up

We are meeting at the Savage House Pizza like we did the first party, three years ago. The Spokane Fest is on September 25, 2010, so this is a good day for the party. We will meet at the Pizza at 5pm. If you are late, just come on inside and find us.

Savage House Pizza Parlors Address:
700 South Dishman Road
Spokane Valley, WA 99206-3107
(509) 924-3876

From the Fest, just go back on Dishman-Mica road to 8th and turn off (west) to the Parlor. The first map shows the two locations are pretty close, but not quite walking distance except for the hardy. The second map is a closer view of the Pizza Parlor. To enlarge these images, just click on the middle of them.


































It's "Dutch" and donations are welcome as well. See you there !

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