Which states use Snowmobile Titles?

Which State use Titles?

I'm hoping this table might help the folks out there when it comes time to buy/sell/trade. I found out one day, and don't like surprise like that. I mainly started with my state and worked out from there, to where I thought sledding would occur, so if I need to add a state, province or see any errors, feel free to Email Karl.
State/Prov. Title?  See note #
Washington No .
Idaho Yes .
Montana Yes .
Oregon Yes .
Alaska No .
Colorado No .
Wyoming No .
Utah ? .
North Dakota Yes .
South Dakota Yes .
Minnesota No .
Wisconsin No 5
Michigan No .
Illinois Yes? .
Indiana No .
New York No .
New Hampshire No .
New Jersey No .
Vermont Yes .
Maine No .
Massachusetts No .
New England ? .
Connecticut ? .
Rhode Island ? .
Pennsylvania Yes 2
New Brunswick ? .
Iowa Yes 1
British Columbia ? .
Alberta ? .
Saskatchewan No .
Nunavut No .
Manitoba ? .
Ontario No 4
Quebec No 3
Newfoundland No .
Labrador No .
NorthWest Terr. No .
Yukon ? .
California Yes .
New Mexico Yes .
New Jersey No .
Ohio No .
Nevada ? .

Notes on some States; Particulars, etc.

1.Iowa;registration on 1996 or earlier sleds. Titles on everything above. When a 1996 or earlier sled changes hands from an owner who originally registered in 1996 or before, the state issues a title.

2.Pennsylvania: Starting in 2001

3.Quebec: Registration with renewal every year. When you first register the sled, you get a license plate that you simply keep in the sled somewhere (you don't have to attach it to the rear like a car) and carry the registration papers with you. You don't get an annual renewal sticker afterwards when you renew every year (same as cars).

4.Ontario: Same procedure as cars (registration papers, plates, annual renewal with renewal stickers) except that the plates themselves are sticker type that you affix to each side of the hood (a real pain to get rid of if you sell/buy the sled).

5.Wisconsin we have registration slips that when you sell you sign and pass on. Need bill of sale with sale price on it to register with the DNR (Dept. on Natural Resources). Also those nice orange stickers that have to be on the cowling.

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