Sled Trips

Album 1 Sled trips over the seasons........

Friends and Snow = FUN

Frank 'n Karl the original Northern winter buds...........









The previous season of '01.........Frank, Jeff and Karl around the Cusick area...








On top.............Just the three of us, in Red, White and Blue.









Jeff's other triple, screaming around up and over........







The season of 01-02' we got a big dump at Lookout Pass, so from the fish hatchery, we headed out on the trail with that much snow (accumulated over the season) on the sides.









Powder holes for Frank.................................................... and Karl









Erik from the midwest (mostly trail riding) had his great first experience of deep powder riding, grins under that helmet for sure !









He likes to catch some air, too. "It's so easy to jump up the road side because you know the landing is going to be soft, huh?"









Ahhh! such nice deep stuff and Erik and Roy were there cut it up !









After all that we stopped for lunch lineup at the $10,000 restaurant on the Montana side.

Erik, Roy,................................................................ Bob, Brad, ??, Jeff and Frank.









Next trip was the famous Priest Lake, Idaho area, up in the Northeast part of the Lake including areas of Mollies, Trapper Peak, Phoebie's Tip, and Cow Creek. All lined up to head out from the ridge, North. This was wild one.









This wild hill climb was the most I tried that season with my older shorter track 580. The telephoto shot of me is still in the shadow from overall picture. About there I ran out of power, traction and nerves. That same day I tested a new Cat 1M 900/159" and let's just say I could have gone up to the rocks, but turned out early.









Another Cat guy with our group tried the cornices.

















After that some of us took a rest to checkout the scenery.









And man what nice scenery it was.









On my day off Doug and I did a trip to Stensgar Mt. to do a little radio work, and fun.









Erik, Roy and myself at Mt. Spokane (late '02 season).









Early season of '03 we did a new area, called Freezeout, near St. Maries, Idaho. Wendall and Erik's boy joined us for that day.









Here's the rest of the group who stopped at the end of the trail at the warming hut. Here's Don, Me, Wendall, Bob, his son, Laura, someone's son, and Roy.









Taking my Kitty for a walk in the park................................and over the hills !









East of Priest Lake is Roman Nose. About half as big, which is still plenty for all. Conditions can vary from foggy-windy to absolutely beautiful freashies to play in.









That fresh pretty powder is erresitable to slice into.









A very special day at Mt. Spokane 02-03 season. Big dump. lots of carving to do. Later I went down in the tress to help Roy and we found out how deep the bottomless, heavy powder was. After working it for 3 1/2 hours (after dark) I'm sure glad Erik was there to get some help.









The world wide web (internet) has user groups and other "forums". Snowest provides a free forum for sledheads like us to get together for a trip. We did just that. Erik put together a group ride, we called "4M" ride, at Echo Bowl, Priest Lake, Idaho, on February 8, 2003. I offered some informal Avalanche Awareness training; to pass on what I've learned to promote safe sledding. The group gathered around to see the snow pit survey demonstrated.

Here, I'm slicing away the snow layers to check stability of the layer bondage. That day the layers stuck together very well. Remember, it can change in a matter of days or even hours, sometimes to dangerous conditions, so you must know what to look out for.









Then we did a "hidden" transmitter session for transceiver "Beacon" practice. We found out the good and not so good models.

There was about 22 of us in all which was a little on the large size, however, made up of good people. We got along, had fun, in spite of the fog, learned something and all came home in one piece.

Just some wallpaper, to click on and save........for your summer blues.








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