Directions for White Pass

Directions for White Pass

White Pass is a ski area and is generally between Yakima and Seattle Washington, as indicated by the colored arrow. The right map show a slightly clearer location in relation to the rivers in the mountains, etc. If you are coming in from the Seattle area, from I-90 and head East on SR-12 around 110 miles to the area.










If you are coming from the East side, from I-90 drop down to Yakima, then go West on SR-12 for about 60 West on SR-12 to the lot. The right map is a closeup of the parking lot, but it's unknown at the time exactly where to unload. The earth coordinates are: 46.6385612 North Lat and 121.3904190 West Long. for area. Now, read below for the sledding spots........










There is not a snowmobile area in the actual White Pass vicinity, White Pass is surrounded by Wilderness. The closest sledding areas are the Pinegrass/Cold Creek area which is 10 miles east of WhitePass, the Tieton/Conrad Meadows area at about 16 miles east, the closest area towards the west is the Skate Creek area at 24 miles west of White Pass, then the Johnson Creek area at 31 miles west of White Pass.

If you go to the Pinegrass Ridge area, the SnoPark is at about 3300ft and once you get on top of the ridge the elevation starts at about 4400ft and goes to about 6500ft. The trees aren't thick like most other areas and you can boondock through the trees almost everywhere on top of the plateau and then go to the Section 3 lake area and there is a ridge surrounding it that you can climb. Just make sure you don't go to far past the top because you will then be in the Wilderness area.

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We usually decide on a 2-way radio channel to contact on, should we get separated.

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