Directions for Spokane and area

Directions for Meeting in Spokane and area

Several folks maybe be coming from any direction, and any state, therefore, a central place can be the city of Spokane. The "Valley", now a separate "town" is a good area, since most sled areas go from this location. More specifically, in the Valley, at I-90 and exit 287, go a block South to the Chevron Gas Station. This is your typical gas/deli place. As a back-up, across the street is another gas station with diesel. From here, the group can decide in four directions to go. Remember to leave your cell phone and/or FRS radio on for those who might miss the exit. Unless you here otherwise, a good time to meet here is 7am. (Obviously, this page will not change from day to day).

Here's some maps of the Spokane area, starting with an overall set, if you are coming from out of town. This will give you an idea where you are from, and going.






..........and the City of Spokane..........






.....with a closer view of your streets.........






Here's a general Map of Spokane. For a real bug version click on the image- warning it's big, like over a MB. Plus your browswer will need to be able to zoom in; if you are just using a "normal" browser (i.e., etc.) it won't make any difference, probably. There's a detailed set of map for most of the city streets. Again, to warn they are rather big files, if you have a dial-up connection.

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