Directions for Revelstoke, BC

Directions for Revelstoke, BC

This is an overall map of Southern B.C. with the arrow for the area. At this time information is not availible on this area. I'm estimating it's about 150 miles North of Spokane, as the roads travel, however from talking with others up there it's about an eight hour drive from Spokane.

Here's one version from third party, unverified source:
"When you come into Revy on 23 you turn Left on 1 take that east for 10 kilometers ....
the road will have a passing lane going up hill and at the bottom take Greely rd it will peel off to the right.. cross the bridge go left and after 3 kilometers Lionel place is the 2nd drive on the gate...Christmas lights on the house..... double wide and cabin are ours ......
Loinel # is 1-250-814-0322"

The two issues the Author has is the grumpy people at U.S. Customs and the thief problem there.

And moving in some shows the major towns, with the area.

We usually decide on a 2-way radio channel to contact on, should we get separated in the general mall area.

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