Directions to Reno, Nevada

Directions for Reno, Nevada (under construction)

Reno will be covered later. It's about a 2 day drive from Spokane. This is just a "template" for filling in the info later.

Reno Nevada gets a lot of snow. For the 2004-05 winter, while the Pacific NorthWest was getting warm and a "bad" winter, California and the Sereiras of Nevada gots gobs of snow, including Lake Tahoe and Reno areas.

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There are 6 popular snowmobile riding areas in and near the Lake Tahoe Basin, along with Earth coordinates in WGS 84 map datum. .

  • Blackwood Canyon (On West side of Lake Tahoe);39*, 06', 49.0" N. Lat, 120*, 09', 29.0" W. Long.

  • Blue Lakes (South of South Lake Tahoe);38*, 44', 53.0" N. Lat, 119*, 56', 21.0" W. Long.

  • Brockway Summit (North of North Lake Tahoe);39*, 15', 38.2" N. Lat, 120*, 04', 17.7" W. Long.

  • Donner Summit (Accoss the I-80 road from Donner Ski Resort);39*, 20', 23.0" N. Lat., 120* ,21', 01.0" W. Long.

  • Little Truckee Summit (15 miles North of Truckee, just off hiway 89); 39*, 30', 14.7", N. Lat., 120*, 16', 57.7" W. Long.

  • Tahoe Meadows (1 mile from Mt.Rose Summit, off highway 431, and 7 miles from Incline Village;39*, 18', 03.3", N. Lat., 119*, 55', 1" W. Long.

    These two maps are the East trails of Tahoe and the California side.










    Some PDF versions for downloading........

  • Tahoe East trails .

  • California SnowParks with full discritions.

    Or try the Tahoe web site.

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