Directions for Priest Lake

Directions for Priest Lake

Priest Lake, the largest area around, is about 15 miles NorthWest of Sandpoint. Some of the East trails connect with Schweitzer ski area. What's describe below is only one of several large areas to play on and off the trails. It probably would take several seasons to check them all out. The only two areas the Author's done is Trapper Peak and Echo Bowl. The former is a favorite. Bottom line; there's plenty for everyone. The green arrow here is not the Lake, but the turnoff from the town of Priest River.

Here's a little better view of the town of Priest River . From Hyway 2, turn North (at the light) onto hyway 57. (There's a sign for Priest Lake). There's a green line drawn in the picture, for the road. There are three suggested places to meet.

For one, from Priest River go North on 57 about a quarter mile and on the East side (your right, going North) is a Conoco Gas station/deli. It's believed to be called "Mac's". 8 am would be a good time for starters.

For the second place, just go North on 57, about 30 miles, to the Lake; take the Coolin turn (right). Around 2 miles two is the air strip (Sound end of the runway) area. Earth coordinates here are: 48*, 30', 58" N. Lat, 116*, 49', 2" W. Long. There is a parking area, which is a side road with a wide short road that loops around back to the main road. Another spot is a little North, to Cavanaugh's Bay and Resort. This would be around 9 am. Their number is (208) 443-2095 and their web sitemight helpful, too.

The final place would be continue past Cavanaugh's Bay and drive on the East side of the lake about 20 miles,on the East Shore Road, to Indian Creek State Park. There's parking about 5 miles North of the Park entrance, around the North end of Squaw Bay, which connects with the trail system. This area is marked on the map as unloading area "3" on the large map, below.

After you unload, you run up the trail by Caribou creek about 5-8 miles. This trail is the Mollie's Loop and eventually comes to a warming hut. Before the hut, there's a little path off the main trail that heads up to the Trapper Peak area. Big area. Also a wild run at Phoebe Tip. You can also drop down the Northside and play in the hills and trees around Cow Creek. Cow Creek can also be accessed by the way of Smith Creek (directions). It's indicated on the trail map (below) as "Area A". This would add about a half an hour to your meeting time. It's figure around 2 hours from the Spokane area, give or take road conditions.

There's an amazing amount of facilities, motels and stories there, as well.

This is the popular version of the map.

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