Directions for Mission Ridge

Directions for Mission Ridge

Mission Ridge is a Ski area out from Wenatchee, WA, with about 4 lifts. Here's a general road map of Wenatchee and how to get there. Typically it's hard packed, but it does have occasional powder on the main runs. There's a beautiful, majestic ridge in a half circle over looking the area and is very pretty in the winter, however, there can be complete "whiteouts" with little or no warning, which can change your whole day, so be prepared.

Further on down the ridge, are logging/hunting roads and some open area with tremendous drifts, sometimes 20 feet high. This is the sledding area, which can be accessed from both sides of the ridge; Wenatchee and Ellensburg. From Wenatchee it's about 25 miles to the site as the roads go. It's about 2 hours in the summer because of the rocky roads, however much shorter in time, by sled. From the Ellensburg/Kittitas area it's about 27 miles, as the roads go, It's about 1 1/2 hours in the summer for the same reasons, and much less by sled.

From the Wenatchee side, here's the directions.

Step 1: From I-90 go North on SR-28 to Wenatchee. As you approach the light at East Wenatchee there will the Wenatchee bridge to your left. Take it and cross over the river.
Step 2: At the other end of the bridge take the Malaga Hyway South, by going 2 blocks, then left onto Marr St, then 2 blocks, then right onto Wenatchee Ave, which turns into the Malaga Hyway.

Step 3: Go 3.1 miles South on the Malaga Hyway. (Along the way you will see several railroad tracks on the left side). Turn right onto Smelt Creek Road, uphill.

Step 4: Go 5.3 miles up, winding around, (3 miles into this will be a fork, but stay on the curve around the left, on the main traveled road) it will swing around to the left and turn into Hedges Road. Keep going .2 more, till you come to an intersection with a Church on the far right corner. Turn right, onto the Loop Road.

Step 5: Go 2.1 miles up, winding around, passing more houses, to an intersection. To the left is Jumpoff Road for reference, however stay straight. There will another choice of ways on step 7.

Step 6: Go another .8 mile to MP 3. Turn left onto the dirt road, if early in the season, or just unload at the ORV parking lot. Tabs are enforced daily.

There are several was to get up the Ridge, so pay attention with your group, as this is a large area.

This just shows the general roads from Wenatchee, up Smelt Creek road, Wenatchee heights, to get to the snowpark area, presumably, in green.

From the Ellensburg side, here's the directions. The latter steps are for a summer drive, so unload when you see an open field, or other trailers, etc.

Step 1: I-90 MP 115 (Kittitas exit) turn North, over the freeway and stay on the main road.

Step 2: Go 1.2 miles through the town of Kittitas to a "T". Turn right onto Patrick road.

Step 3: Go .3 miles and at the water tower, turn left onto N. 81 road.

Step 4: Go 4 miles and turn right onto Brick Mil road.

Step 5: Go 1.3 miles and turn left onto Cook Canyon road.

Step 6: Go 2.5 miles to a "T" and turn left onto Coleman Road. The pavement ends here. From here, just continue to a point where you run into snow and unload. This will depend on how early/late in the season it is.

Step 7: Go .6 mile, which the road will swing right.

Step 8: Go 2 miles to a "Y" and stay to the right.

Step 9: Go 2.6 miles to a "Y" and stay around to the left.

Step 10: Go 2.8 miles to a "Y" and stay to the left.

Step 11: Go 3.9 miles to a "Y" and stay straight.

Step 12: Go .1 mile to a "Y" and stay right.

Step 13: Go 1.9 miles to a "T" , which is Swiftcreek road. Either way will take to you to the top. If you turn right, go 2.6 miles to a delta intersection and stay around to the left,uphill.

Here's the map to showing the Ellensburg area, from I-90. The dutch settlement is in the general sledding area on the ridge. Also both county lines are on top.

This sorta shows the side roads from the Kittitas area to general unloading in the foothills.

We usually decide on a 2-way radio channel to contact on, should we get separated.

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