Directions for Lookout Pass

Directions for Lookout Pass

both the sledders and skiers nice conditions. On the South side of I-90 is a parking lot just below the ski area lot, where you can unload and access the trails paralleling the hyway. You go East to access St. Regis Lake, but be careful as the Lake is a high slide area. On the North side of the hyway is a road to the FAA tower and some playing there. That side is not groomed and is a wilderness area as you are on your own. Here's one version of a trail map from the hatchery (next access, explained below) to the warming hut, of Lookout. This is a GPS plot of a trip.

A second access point is about 5 miles West of the top at a Fish Hatchery. At Mullan, Idaho, on I-90 take the East Mullan exit (69). Go North about a hundred feet to the stop sign, and take a right. There are some little signs (a little hard to see), including the "fish hatchery" indicating this. Go about 6 tenths of a mile to a "Y" and stay left, going downhill. Again there's a little sign indicating this. Go about one and a half miles, going past some houses to another "Y" and stay right, Go just a few hundred feet to the last "Y" and stay left. A forth mile, or less is the Park on your right and parking on each side of the road. There's a loop at the end to get your rig turned around and pointed in the right direction, for the home trip. Groomer Permit required.

At the exit 69, if you need some gas or food turn left (instead) and a few blocks into Mullan is an Exxon station on the North side of the road. Sometimes they have trail maps, as you can call them. At this time they are the only "real" store in town.

Here's their address:
Polla Oil Co.,Inc.
725 River Street
Mullan, Idaho 83846
(208) 744.1224

Riders typically meet in the morning in Cour 'D Alene at Tesoro Gas Station and deli at the East end of Cour 'D Alene, Idaho. There are several Cour 'D Alene exits. The last two East exits (going East) are a little confusing at first. The first one says "15th street" (exit 14, I think) and the last one says "Sherman/Fernan" which is exit 15. Take this last one (exit 15). The hyway sign "food, gas", etc. will be obvious for that exit. Go down to the light; the station will be there. Also this street is the way to Fernan, which is a nice trail riding area, but that's about it. This map might help.

Their address is;
Tesoro 2-Go #62133
E. 2301 Sherman
Coeur 'D Alene, ID, 83814
(208) 667-0538

If you wish to stay in the local area, there is one or two (possibly) motels right in Mullan. If that does not work out, there's motels in nearby towns as Wallace and Kellogg as well.

If we are going to stay overnight on the Montana side, one place would be the Motel of Mangolds, in the small town of Saltese, MT. at (406) 678-4328. Here's a few maps to show where it is, starting with Mullan, ID.

Then moving Eastward along I-90........

And finally the town of Saltese

If you go further East, will be Haugan, where the 10,000 Silver Dollar Inn is at (406) 678-4242.

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