Directions for Freezeout

Directions for Freezeout

Freeze out is in the St. Joe National Forest mountain range about 80 miles South East of Spokane, near the town of Clarkia, Idaho, as indicated by the pink arrow. The sled area is also known as Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical area, near Fishook Peak, at 6516 ASL. It's 2 1/2 hours drive from North Spokane, accounting for a stop for gas and being careful on the icy and windings roads around the lake area of St. Maries.

You might be coming from Spokane or Montana, so from Coeur D' Alene (CDA)is a good starting point. From CDA, drive South on Hyway 95 for about 34 miles to Plummer and turn East onto Hyway 5. Another 20 miles, or so, you pass through the town of St. Maries. Stay on the main drag and it will turn back into the hyway at the far end of town. Go another 13 miles there's another "Y" and stay left, uphill, keeping on Hyway 3 (acually it's a "delta", but will appear to you as a "Y"). You will then go through the little towns of Santa, Fernwood and finally Clarkia, which is a tiny community with around 50 houses, one tavern and very little else around for miles. This will be at about mile post 54 1/4. At this point there is a large open gravel area, with some trucks, and other assorted heavy equipment. This is a good place to meet since you can see passing vehicles on the hyway and they can see you. That taveren is also near by a block or so. Some of the locals do stop by the taveren after a day of riding. From the gravel area, go East on Cotton Wood Road a couple of blocks or so, which will swing around to the right, then a quick left onto Cedar Road. Go three tenths of a mile to a "T" and turn right onto Sunrise Road. Go another three tenths to a four way intersection (possible stop sign) and stay straight, going over a small bridge. Go 4.2 miles to an intersection and stay left, onto Freezeout Saddle road (USFS 301). In the winter this might be as far as you can drive. In the early and late season, continue and Go about 200 feet to a fork and stay right, going uphill. From there stay on the main traveled road as far as you can drive, then unload. There's logging in the area, which makes for very muddy roads in the early season.

Other notes: There's about 3 open faces, otherwise mostly trails. When you get there, though they are quite awesome in the winter. Pretty advanced climbing. Some Avalanche danger on the open faces. At the end of one trail is a nice hut for lunch. It possibly a fireplace (sorta) to warm up, if you take the time to light a fire and there's wood. The most significate feature is this area is open for season earlier than any other known of close to Spokane. Typically in the first part of November. One time a Halloween ride showed enough deepness for easy climbling, boondocking and carving in open powder. ASL is around 6600. On the drive remember to pick up any food, water and goodies before Clarkie, since there's about nothing there. St. Maries is about the last town of any stuff in it and even has a NAPA store, but probably not open on Sundays.

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