Directions for Colockum Pass

Directions for Colockum Pass

Colockum Road; With its modern roots going back to the 1880s, Colockum Road between Wenatchee and Ellensburg was part of a larger system of routes in the Northwest linking California with British Columbia. It was an important cattle drive route connecting with the Caribou trail which came north from The Dalles, Oregon. In earlier times, the Colockum area was used by Native Americans as a rendezvous point and an Indian race track is still visible. Today much of the land is managed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as a wildlife area. The road traverses Colockum Pass at 5373 feet.


Northbound: From downtown Ellensburg, go east on University Way which continues as 10th Avenue and then continues as the Old Vantage Highway. Turn left onto Number 81 Road, then right onto Brick Mill Road, then left onto Colockum Road. Continue to Colockum Pass and Wenatchee.

Southbound: From downtown Wenatchee, go south on Wenatchee Avenue which continues as Malaga Road and then continues as Colockum Road. Continue past the large aluminum plant and Rock Island Dam along the Columbia River. At a fork in the road just before crossing under high tension power lines, bear to the right. There is an information kiosk here. Continue up to Colockum Pass and onto Ellensburg.

Road Type: Pavement, dirt, gravel, broken rock, rip-rap. This route is very rough in some sections and rather hard on tires so bring your flat fix kit and air pump. As you bounce across the summit imagine stagecoaches clattering across these rocks!

Information contact:

Pete Lopushinski, Manager
Box 9000 Tarpiscan Road
Malaga, WA 98828
(509) 663-6260

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