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Directions for Colbert, WA

Karl meet place

The author lives in Colbert, Washington. Riders who are meeting to go North can meet in this area. It's about 20 miles North of downtown Spokane. There are two good spots to meet. The first one is at the corner of SR-2 and SR-206. SR-206 is also called Mt. Spokane park drive; not to be confused with "Day Mt Spokane road", which is a little North of SR-206. There are several stores there, including a Cheveron and 76 Gas/delli station, and a general (Yoke's) grocery store. Also, an Arby's and other food places. Plenty of room to maneuver even a big trailer. It's designated #1 (in green) on the map, below. It's handy if you are going North or East (to Mt. Spokane) The second place is about a half mile North on SR-2 at the Big R store. It's on the East side of the hyway. Early in the morning (before the store opens) is room in their parking lot for trailers. It's designated #2 (in green) on the map. It's handy just for going North (on SR-2).

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