Some brake service tips/pictures - For Arctic Cat

The time came to replace my pads, since I noticed they were way down from the last trip. As mentioned before the pictures are large, so you might want to go do something else for about 10 minutes, unless you have a high speed connection. It's real easy remove the pin, and pull both pads out.Next, I removed the hydraulic line (3/8", I think) and take out the four 5/8" cap bolts holding each side caliper. There will be leaking fluid, so it's nice to have lots of rags standing by.










If you have any doubt in the conditional operation of the brake system, you should first service the cylinders by taking them out and replacing the "O" seals. In my case the cylinders were working fine. NAPA brake cleaner was used around the cylinder edges. Next, you will need to "shrink" the spacing, by compressing the cylinders on each side. I found a nice way to do this in a vise, with wood spacers. The wood also keeps from scratching up the surface of the housing.










Here's with both cylinders compressed. Then reinstalling the calipers, just drop the pads in......










And an overall view of the job. A good brake again! You probably noticing those two black ABS pipes. Yes, one's survival gear box, and the other is a tool box, with some heat reflective tape on it. I manufactured a (painted white) holder for these pipe "boxes". They seemed to sit there fine, with the vibration, yet very easy to get to. And they are water tight. They could also double as an emergency water container(s).

[This space is blank intentionally]










In the event you drop one of the old pads down inside the rotor area, here's a handy little "grabber" tool, operated at the far end. These prongs can grab just about anything in a tight spot.










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