OHV Meeting at Newport

OHV meeting at Newport on 8-13-03 6pm

Hi fellow sledders and other OHV hobbyist. There are a few environmentalists that are complaining to the point of holding meetings with the U.S. Forest Service about a local area we enjoy very much, which is the Calispell Peak area, near Cusick/Newport, Washington. Most of the coordination is being down on the Snowest forum. Under the "Riding Conditions/Spokane area" and under "Land Use" there's the threads about this. If you just came from there (my link) details and maps are below.

One of the Locals made the meeting before, which most of us had no knowledge. Here's Brad's (AKA RMK800) posting from his experience of that meeting:
Thu July 31, 2003 9:56 AM

"Went to the meeting last night and it was interesting to say the least. It is a series of preliminary meetings to come up with rereactional travel staretegy - or thats what they call it. The meeting didn't go as planned for the F.S. and a couple of the greenies that were there. They had a meeting 2 weeks ago in Colville - there were 16 prople brought in by some Seattle based enviro group that are for limiting access and there as only 1 snowmobiler there. Last night the enviro group only sent 2 people and there were 45 recreational minded people there wanting the FS to give more access and open more area - snowmobilers, motorcyclers, quads, horseman were all present - gave the FS a different perspective. The Enviro guy was the one who got pissed and started yelling at all of us saying he doesn't like the noise we make while he is in the woods. A lady from the FS got an ovation when she in turn attacked this yahoo saying he has wilderness areas and areas up near sullivan lake to hike in quite. She went on to tell him that only 20-30 percent of the forest is open to motorized recreation and he had 70-80 percent for his hiking - put him in his place. I am sure his group will back back in force on the Augus 13th meeting - we need to get more recreationalists up here for that meeting."

Thanks, Brad for that report !

Well, folks, It's tomarrow night at 6:00 pm. I just got off the phone (509) 447-7300 with the Forest Service in Newport, WA to verify it's NOT at Cusick (like last time) but at the high school in Newport. Sure glad I checked into that. Debbie Wilkins, with the USFS is coordinating this and presumely will be at the meeting tomorrow night. I'm publishing a map on my web site right now, so check back on this thread later on today.

Here's a few maps to assist the one's from out of town. Bring your smarts, please leave most emotions elsewhere, as that does not help with the point we are trying to make. Yes, I'm upset, but our system does not recognize those methods.

Here's the details on the School in Newport:
Newport School District:
(509) 447-3167
Superintendent: Dr. Shirl Nadeau
District provides pre-school through 12th grade, plus alternative/continuation high school offerings in south Pend Oreille County.
District offices are at: 1380 W. 5th Street, Newport, WA 99156.
E-mail: newportsd@newport.wednet.edu
Newport High School: (509) 447-2481

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