Concerns and Interests

  1. What part of the Situation Map is particularly important to you? What issues are involved?
  1. What are your specific concerns and interest about these issues? Why are these issues important to you?
  2. What other pars and issues of the Pend Oreille Valley recreation travel management situation should be considered?

    1. What people or views must be considered when designing improvements related to this issue or area?
    2. Other:

      This sheet needs improvement. It doesn’t get down to the issues. The map is far too complicated to understand. This sheet would read better and help people to focus their concerns if it asked questions like: "What would you do specifically to improve the situation? Can you think of any negative effects to it? Can you think of a compromise or an area where you would be willing to give?" We know what’s important to us. We know our concerns. We need to focus on first, getting our issues heard, and second, where are we willing to give?

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