Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 17:01:26 -0800
Subject: SB5002

Notice to all Hams:

Please contact one of the following Senators for the 7th or 12th leg district and express your support for SB5002 and forward this email on to other hams in your address book to contact their Senators. if they live out side the 7th and 12th leg dist ask them. to send an email to their own Leg Dist Senator.

7th Leg Dist. Those living in Omak and North, and all of Ferry County, Steven, ect.... email Email Senator Bob Morton.

12th Leg Dist Those living in Okanogan and South, all of Chelan and Douglas Counties email Senator Linda Parlette


Two State of Washington lawmakers have introduced a bill to amend sections of the Revised Code Of Washington to strengthen that state's PRB-1 law. Washington incorporated the federal preemption known as PRB-1 in 1994. The proposed amendment would specify that local governing bodies could not restrict antenna height to less than 70 feet without a clearly defined health, safety, or aesthetic reason.

Washington is one of 10 states that have adopted PRB-1 laws of their own. Only three states--Oregon, Virginia, and Wyoming--include minimum regulatory height limits.

Republicans Pam Roach and Dan Swecker introduced Senate Bill SB 5002 for a first reading on January 8 on behalf of ARRL member George B. Hutchison, W7KSJ, of Auburn. Hutchison has been promoting the PRB-1 amendment through an organization called "Hamtowerlaw"

SB 5002 has been assigned to the Economic Development and Telecommunications Committee. Washington's current PRB-1 law says any ordinances or regulations that localities adopt with respect to Amateur Radio antennas must "reasonably accommodate amateur communications" and "represent the minimal practicable regulation" to meet the local authority's legitimate purpose. Hutchison wants to add wording that would keep cities, counties or towns from restricting an Amateur Radio antenna's height to less than 70 feet, "unless the restriction is necessary to achieve a clearl defined health, safety, or aesthetic consideration.

For more information on PRB-1, visit the ARRL PRB-1 page

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