Software for Sale

Software for sale

  • Most programs are new with disks and manuals
  • price asking by each picture group

    Here's my list of extra software I have for sale, for DOS and Windows. If you would like me to email for a larger picture or details, my email is at the bottom of this page. All the programs are legit, no copies, etc, and most with manual and disks in the box or packaging. The later MS programs have the certificate with them. Buyer pays for shipping which is about $8 for most UPS packages, except for some that have lots of books (manuals) then it would be around 13-15. When you select what you want I can weigh the package for a current rate. If I send UPS I can email you with a tracking number. MO or check is fine.


    Bitcomm for DOS with manual $5.










    PC Tools for DOS and Windows,ver 7.1, disks, with manual $20.










    Quick Link II $5. CrossTalk for Windows, $20.










    OS/2 Warp Operating System. $20.










    Some explanation and details on the OS/2 package:

    Here's what it says on the box side:System Requirements, 386 or higher, 4MB of RAM, 55MB of disk space, floppy, VGA, mouse, sound card, and Microsoft windows 3.1 or 3.11 for the windows applications. I guess the "DOS" part doesn't need the windows system.

    Also there is a bonusPak with it; has a set of personal productivity applications, tools for cruising the web, and video conference software.

    The box says on top: IBM Works; Word Processor, Spreedsheet, Charting, Database, Report Writer, Personal Information Manager, FaxWorks for OS/2, bla,

    Sounds like this operating system did just about anything!

    These items are shown with big pictures so you can see any details you might need.

    Here's a CD-Burner and has very little use. In the original box with the software, license and cable. $25.

    Accounting works (DOS) complete package $25

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