Motorola and GE parts for sale or trade


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  • Many micor mobile parts
  • Several micor station parts
  • Several GE station parts
  • For sale or trade.

    On the micor cards I'm in need of the paging control modual, TLN4056 or TLN1253. Here's what I have:

    Micor station card inventory:

  • Station Control MOdual, a few of the TLN4635 and one TRN4854
  • Squelch Gate, a few of the TLN4662
  • Multi PL Encoder, 2 of the TLN5744
  • Guard Tone Encode, 1 of the TLN1245
  • Matrix control modual, 1 of the TLN5746
  • Line driver, 3 of the TLN4668
  • Encoder modual, several of the TRN6085
  • Repeater control module, 2 of the TLN1250
  • Guard tone decoder, 3 of the TLN1245
  • Time out timer, 1 of the TLN4636 and 2 of the TRN8684
  • There may be others packed away











    I also have several GE Mastr-II station cards and others:
























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