Pet crates for Sale

All bought new (original owner), are in very good condition and used with clean, healthy, smaller dogs (current shots-no problems, etc.) There may be a little dust on some due to storage. Most of the pricing is half of retail on sale amounts (I just checked).

This first one is wire construction and is 36" x 22" x 24" high. For medium dog. (spec says "large"). It folds down for easy storage. Would like to get $50.

















This one has a reversible door by working one of the two (dual) handle/locks. Also, the top is removable. For medium pets/puppy.



















This one is smaller. The door is also reversible by manually installing either side. Would like to get $40. There's a couple feeding dishes to go along with. Also, the top is removable. For small pets/puppy.

















This is an extra door for the next size up of plastic crate. Door size is about 17" x 22". The dual (squeeze) lock has been modified for a single lock; still holds the door closed but is easier to open (person had a weak hand). Would like to get $10.
















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