Since 1975, the Owner, Karl, has been doing the following tasks:

  • Writing technical standards/specifications for the system.
  • Writing operational guidelines for users.
  • Research and development of repeater and other system components.
  • Building remote transmitter and remote receiver packages.
  • Crystal and other parts ordering from several venders.
  • Frequency coordination/filing.
  • Receiving membership monies and sending out membership letters. Tracking current members on a data-base.
  • Building antennas of various kinds; collinear, yagi/directional, corner reflector directional, etc.
  • Building tower and antenna mounts for many type of installations and antennas.
  • Building cavities and sets to make up a duplexer.
  • Site aquirement and negotiation with large leasing companies. Maintaining current sites, paying rental as it's due.
  • Being repeater trustee.
  • Control operator and general assistant for "newbies" and other issues/people problems that come up from time to time.
  • Design and maintaining SRG's Inter-net Web site.
  • Assisting other groups/organizations/clubs with their technical problems on their repeaters.
  • Providing linking service for K.B.A.R.A.'s repeaters.

    Sounds like you'd like to help out with some projects? Every one has a talent and if you are interested in applying them here, great! Here's two lists; the first one who's offered to help, with their name, callsign and little about their resources. The second list is the items that may need attention with requirements need to perform the job and still have fun. Remember all of this is volunteer. Read it over and put together what you might know who can do what, etc. If you feel you can handle a job with the time you have, please email Karl with your item and talents - much appreciated. Email address is on the first page, under "contact".

    The helpers listed are:

    Doug Cole, N7BFS, ground person for tower work, radio/repeater maintenance at journeyman level. Advanced knowledge. Linux O/S specialist.

    Jeremiah Pukek, KD7DMP, Tower climber, radio/repeater maintenance at journeyman level. Linux O/S specialist.

    Mike Grounds, KE7PG; Tower ground helper, moving items, etc. Possible "PR" person.

    Harold Hepner, AD7QJ, General electronics and computer skills.

    Orin Fitzgerald, KE7JAJ, tracked vehicle for winter access to remote repeater sites for repairs.

    If your name is not on this list, possibly overlooked, please contact the Owner, Karl. Qualifications list here are for general description and certain details may be left out, which has no reflection on competency or knowledge.


    Administrative jobs:

    "Membership" person; requirements:

  • Monitor the 20 repeater a lot, or all the time. (not heavily involved with other clubs)
  • Have basic computer skills to keep spreedsheet records.
  • Need to mail notices out.
  • Able to handle money in cash or check form and be accountable for all transactions.

    "Repeater Listing" person; requirements:

  • Knowledge what a repeater does and its frequencies.
  • Have Internet access and know how to search the web.
  • Duties are to search and correct errors on repeater listings, including SRG's on publications and web sites.
  • Able to contact the web masters and other frequency coordinators for the correct information.
  • Reports directly to Karl.

    "PR" person to contact news media, unhappy users or other issues and other public service events; requirements are:

  • Must have excellent communication and "people skills".
  • Descretional knowledge on what to discuss and what not, on the air for sensitive issues.

    Remote site aquirement; in several areas in Washington and Idaho; requirements are:

  • Self starter to contact various site owners and companies. (sometimes takes years to acquire a radio site).
  • Have contacts with large companies with such sites.
  • Have good general knowledge of mountains and other sites and areas of radio coverage in Washington and Idaho.
  • Use discretion on approaching sensitive situations with site owners, lease papers and other sensitive access information

    Technical jobs:

    Cavity building; requirements:

  • General ability to work with copper pipe and good soldering skills.
  • This is labor intensive-need to have good hands.
  • Access to simple test equipment is desirable, but not required.

    Several antennas- these are the collinear type for repeater service on the 2 and 1 1/4 meter bands; requirements are:

  • Moderate knowledge and skills in electronic repair.
  • Have own tools and solder station.
  • Can handle order parts needed- reimbursement will be made.
  • Access to simple test equipment is desirable, but not required.
  • Finding a source for some commercial "broken" (electrically) "station master" type ants, out of service being discarded or just laying around a radio shop, taking up space, while the owner does not want them. The fiber glass radome should be in usable condition.

    2 or 3 "local" microphones; for the VHF club's packet stations (for testing); requirements are:

  • Moderate knowledge and skills in electronic repair.
  • Have own tools and solder station.
  • Can handle order parts needed- reimbursement will be made.
  • Access to simple test equipment is desirable, but not required.

    Micor conversion to "M" band for remote voter receivers; requirements are:

  • Good knowledge and skills in electronic repair
  • Able to order parts needed. (reimbursement will me made).
  • Access to simple test equipment is desirable, but not required.

    Winter seasonal transportation (such as snowmobile riding/skiing in winter for sites); requirements are:

  • Own own's equipment, such as modern snowmobile and transportation to unloading areas. (or ski equipment).
  • Intermediate level riding/skiing skills. Advanced desirable (free training is available).
  • Bring your own radio, HT, etc. (FRS desirable, but not required).

    Some of our nice users need a microphone sensitivity adjustment (turned down), (i.e. Dan, KE7BMZ on his "work" mobile,
    Jeremiah, KD7DMP on his portable). Requirements are:

  • Have access to service monitor with a scope.
  • Either obtain the service manual and/or schematic diagram for the radio you plan to adjust.
  • Or familiarity of the radio you plan to adjust.
  • Radios that don't have adjustment will require inserting a small resistor in the mic "hi" line. (I.e. 25K~100K, etc.)
  • Are familiar with SRG standards for repeater operation.


    Physical jobs:

    Tower work- please specify either tower or ground person. Requirements are.

  • Own proper climbing equipment.
  • Tower certification.
  • Compatibility and safety test prior to any trips tasks on a remote site. This includes communication and thinking skills.

    Cabinet building-restoration. Requirements are.

  • Sanding/Welding equipment desirable.
  • Spray/roller painting with oil-based paints is the primary restoration-includes, sanding, cleaning as a painting prep.
  • Painting/welding facility of yours is desirable.
  • Will need to make some trips to the local HW stores for occasional parts, bolts, etc.
  • Pickup truck desirable for transport to and from MCP when completed cabinets.

    This list is subject to changes and updates as positions are filled or vacant.


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