Jack and Stand Ideas

Jack and Stand Ideas

Snowmobiles today are heavy. Like 500 lbs. What to do when you want to move them around? Here's some ideas I made for my applications. Some are old now, not even used and some are my latest versions. At any rate this should give you some more idea for you own experimentation.

Here's my jack/stand for the rear of the sled; it's actually over built;you could make it simpler and lighter. There's a hanger for all the extra chains. There's even a trailer receiver (lower left) to hold a trailer level while testing/working on it.










Here's my jack I built up earlier. I put some RTV in the "cup" to protect the sled's rear bumper's paint.










These are my ski dollies.Later I came up with a better way to support the front end... scroll down........










I select which lever position I need for the load and which hook (length of chain) I need.










Then I can lift the rear end up and move the rear stand in position and let the rear down on it.










After building that nice shiny rear stand I wanted to lift the front end up as well. This would take any load off the front springs and also facilitate working on the ski and steering, if needed. So I built this. I use my handy jack to lift up the front end and slide it into place. By keeping everything on the trailer takes up less room, makes it easy to move it around, plus is a good height to work on. With both front and rear stands I can work on most parts including the steering system, ski, track and run the sled to check alignment.










I have a later version of a rack/stand which fills all my needs, if your are interested in viewing it....

And here's some other misc Ideas of the same

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