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Spokane Repeater Group, K7SRG



The access tones and such are not discussed over the air, however the repeater is open and the access information is free. Keeping the information on secure media protects the repeater. Below is local contacts for obtaining the information and is free.

It's strongly suggested you read over the "FAQ" found on the main page's index. Also It is helpful if you register by sending your name, call, address and number to address below, either mail or email. P.O. Boxes are fine for mail, however, your physical location is needed to help in future coverage plans, and in some cases to help in determining the best access route for the system. If advised, sensitive information is protected. If you have any family Amateurs that would be using the system, please list them as well as their call sign(s). They are welcome, too. Also because of the increased email spaming going around the world, there are more and more "black list" entries on email severs. What this means, some of folks's email DO NOT work. So if you don't get a reply please try "snail mail" (old school, stamps, envelopes, etc). The contact people are listed below.


SRG contacts are handled for most of the coverage areas, nearest to you.

  • Joan Shoemaker, N2PUP, Club Secretary
    P.O. Box 734, Colbert, WA 99005


  • Doug Cole, N7BFS, Control Operator
    P.O. Box 72, Spokane, WA 99210


  • Lee Neth, KD7MQM, Control Operator
    Kennewick, Wa
    Cell Phone : (509) 948-3356


  • Lee Dully, KD7WGN, Helper
    31725 N. Middle Ave, Spirit Lake,ID, 83869
    Home Phone : (208) 623-4920


  • KD7ADG, Tim Holt, Helper
    P.O. Box 1516
    Omak, WA 98841



    It's an open repeater, however costs to operate. It's very helpful to support the repeater by sending your annual membership of $50 to the address listed. If you are just traveling through the area, we understand and you are still welcome, free.

    Keeping a large area repeater on the air requires a huge amount of effort. If you can offer assistance in other ways you may check out a Listing of projects and duties already underway. Nice for you to visit this page.

    Karl Shoemaker, AK2O, President, SRG
    Email same as Joan:


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