V-V bracket construction

This is an overall view of several types of brackets being fabricated in one day. Once set up it's efficient to build several at a time. The two (white) ones in the background are what's left from the last VV bracket project. These in the foreground are pretty much unified and use a large rod for the "L" portion, mainly because of availability of metal on a weekend. The brackets to the left are made for different spacing from the tower leg and different size legs to mount on. The two larger pipe mounts in the left, background are for a pole mounting project for another group as a donation of efforts.




















As a general rule for R-25 legs the 1" angle is optimum, while larger legs the 1 1/4" angle is good for that size. The 3/4" angle is used for the horizontile mount for the yagi antenna. Then they are checked for inprofections, such as wire and beads on the metal's surfaces. If found are grinded off so that hands and clothing do not catch and cut on them. Then they are cleaned with paint thinner of all the cutting oil and other contaminations on the metal surfaces. Then they are moved to the painting room and given an hour or two to warm up from the earlier (colder) welding area. This will aid the paint to stay on the metal and quicker drying time. Notice the fan in the background window. Along with the (shower) curtains to keep the over spray in the immediate area, the fan sucks out, thus making a friendly environment for spray painting. About 2-3 coats are applied before the project is finished and ready for service.






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