25G Tower notes

By AK20



Antennas need to be mounted on a tower. Rohn 25G is very commonly used for both Amateur and profession 2-way installations. In some cases short length can be effective on high mountain top sites as well as in the valley and residences. In order for the former to work some notes and thoughts in planning are needed.

A tower consists of a base, main sections and top. Accessories include guy wires, anchors to both the tower and in the ground and other top and side mounts for the antennas. The dimensions for the legs (O.C.) turn out to be 285 mm, more or less according to the SAE spec. consider this if you are making your own brackets.









There's several accessories for mounting against a house or whatever.







































To keep the tower from twisting here's these items..........








































Valmount makes a nice side mount bracket for most any size tower. The 3115 and the B3100 for changing the angle as well.

























































































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