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I have a lot of older items I no longer plan to work on, use or have. Take a breeze here to see if you'd like anything. If there's no asking price, just make an offer. The list will grow as time permits.

I'm mostly into V and UHF equipment. However, I decided to try a balun for my HF dipole. Dummy here, ordered a 4:1 instead of a 1:1. So I have no use for this one brand new in the bag from Gigaparts (receipt on the site). My cost was $50.















Here's an old "auto-patch" to connect a phone line to your repeater. It's unknown the working condition and will need some connection work inside. Therefore, it's a techi-special needing some TLC. I there's a sheet for the I/O connections and the schematic diagram, too.







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