Our New North Stack for Packet Radio

Since the spring of 2004 we lost not only the radio, but the TNC for our single frequency node the club's been providing for the North end of the Spokane area. Karl made a winter trip to Mt. Spokane to retrieve the (hopefully) possibly working MFJ TNC. After many hours and months of researce and development by Doug, N7BFS, Jerimiah, KD7DMP, and a little incouragment (nagging) by Karl, the New stack was built up over the summer/fall that year. Karl and Doug installed it the weekend of Oct 9th, for "Beta" testing for a few days before releasing the status to the general public. Soon after the annoucement it start carring traffic for the community again. Here's some pictures of the new installation, starting with the front of the equipment. The two radios (white panels) are Motorola Mitreks, Karl built for packet radios.










and the lower parts of the front and rear, with the power supply and protection cavity.










Here's a general diagram of the nodes around the Pacific NorthWest for user inputs.

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