Gin Pole purchase

Gin Pole purchase

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In 2014 the Author decided to purchase a already-mode Gin pole; at least the components. This is the "clamp" that secures the pipe (not purchased yet) to the tower leg, the top pulley and the side pulley. The latter was an unexpected "plus" when first started shopping for one. The builder (name not released, yet) has a good product and does a good welding job. The unit is basically ready to go right out of the box. The 9mm (static) rope the Author has on hand for tower work is just fine for the pulley size used for this product.













The Author came up with some (slight) improvements for his liking however, is nothing against the quality of the original manufacturer-he makes a good product. When transporting the complete set to a site exposes it to a lot of vibration. In concern of one of the "handles" failing off, he installed a very simple kep nut for each as shown in the left image. True, by tightening the handles down on the actual pipe will do the same thing, but in the event the unit is broken down into pieces for packing and transport, so this option was done. Also, he prefers the "shoulder" washer to be secured, so with a quick hit of the wire-feed solves that concern as shown on the right image, before painting. Speaking of paint, once you start using it will have the normal wear marks so don't be concerned about any finishing at this point. The paint is mainly to control corrosion from field work.







Another thought; the actual pole that goes into the unit may be a close fit. It appears the clearance inside the pipe clamp is 53mm. Don't know what that would be in SEA, probably around 2 1/16". Another consideration that apparently some pipe size is based on the ID, not the OD. Therefore, depending on the thickness would affect the OD. Based on schedule 40 pipe it appears a common 2" aluminum pipe would fit it however, was noticed the pipe used for the unit was not seamless. A simple fix for that is to take a Dremmel tool to get inside the pipe and grind the seam down smooth as shown here. You could accomplish this with a honing tool as well; which the Author did not have one.







If you need a Gin pole the Author would recommend purchasing this from this person. Check it out on ebay !







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