Climbing gear

Climbing gear and practices

To access antennas on towers, or even installing a tower requires skillful practices, experience and safety precautions. When you search on the internet you'll come across stores like this, showing many types of harnesses. To the newcomer this can be confusing, therefore you should call them for recommendations. Tell them your applications as well. Also highly recommended to attend a "school" for tower climbing. This will also certify you for sites that require such. This page is only to provide you with an idea of equipment sources and not for certification.

Note: This page is under construction, thus, some information will be out of order. Repairs as time permits.













Capital is a major company that makes the DBI-Sala harnesses. There are many to choose from for different applications.





























Here's close-ups of some harnesses that the vender's carry or can be special ordered.


































You will also need a working lanyard. They come in either chain, rope or webbing style. Here shown is the former. The smaller hooks attach to your harness's D ring. The larger attached to the tower anchor point. There are two type of the large hook, called "rebar", being the round and flat types.























You will also need a fall arrest lanyard, and again come in several types. Show here is two.













You also may consider some "rescue" tools and some carabiners, sometimes just called "Biners". Shown on the right is the steel type; aluminum ones are also made.























Carabiners; There are several. The Author uses this brand for the heavy duty steel ones for rescue work:






































These are other types and brands of fisks. Pulleys are also needed for the working rope. Speaking of the rope you need to use static type and not the rock climbing type, which is designed to stretch.













For rescue work a fisk is also very handy going down with two people.
























More pullys shown

Their web site: [Kong]

Some of the Author's choices:


























For local purchase in Spokane:
Contact Shane Zettle at
Washington Rigging and Supply
6018 E. Broadway Ave
Spokane, WA 99212
(509) 535-0604

















Here's an example of pro-active thinking:

Tower Talk Forum about the legalities and liabilities.

A tip to know is in the event you need an emergency way to desend a tower a "Quick Clove" knob may do the trick. To learn this you can search for those words on youTube, or click here for some "rough" pictures.

Two recommended training vender's is Comtrain and Gravitech. The latter has a product catalog on their web site.

For pulleys and helmet Petzl is a good brand.

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